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2010-09-26 00:06:32
My name is Steven Craig and I’m the Author of the upcoming novels Desperate Love and Brutal Planet.

Brutal Planet is a study on the decline of the dating and romance arena of modern society. Something has gone horribly wrong with how this generation perceives relationships. Are we heading back to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah? This is the tag line for the book.

What I’m constantly compiling is shocking, humorous, factual and very entertaining to readers. You can look at this as an anti-Dear Abby. First people are brutally called out on their actions, and then I try to advise them and set them straight on proper etiquette to achieve their goal in a relationship. Brutal Truth is a column that readers will return to over and over. Weather its for educational purposes or entertainment, people love a good train wreck and this is a pile up at Grand Central Station. Both men and women are applauding the brutal honesty of what I have written and strategically placed around the Internet.

Advertisements have been placed all around the Internet looking for stories on dates that have gone bad. Do you have a story to tell? I’m looking for shocking, horrific and humorous dating encounters. What are your dates doing that disgust you? What are the most off the wall or obscene pick up lines you’ve experienced? Have you had any encounters with a gold digger, egomaniac player or general scumbag? Send me your story! Call them out in public. Time to change direction and get back to love and romance. Names will be changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Some will be used in the book Brutal Planet and others in the Brutal Truth column. Share your story and get some payback. Send your story to [no emails]
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2011-01-27 11:22:30
I just wanted to share a lil tidbit. I dated this guy who seemed very helpful however I later learned that the more "helpful" he was the more stuff he was stealing. He managed to steal a credit card and the bills that went with them so I never knew until the CC company called me. But during those few months my house was spot
less. So needless to say I turned him in and the cops are so helpful out here he was released within a hour with no charges. Funny I thought stealing mail was a felony.... silly me.

Suicide was his way out but at least he can't hurt/steal from me anymore.
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2011-01-30 05:14:49
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Chris Hansen
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2011-08-20 21:51:55
I don't share mine personally, but I know countless men who have agreed to dates only to find out I was there. Must be the worst date ever.
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2011-09-06 12:12:07
ooh i went on a blind date.. she turned out to a faggot and she ADMITTED IT! so retarted, right????
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2011-11-28 21:18:03
xD Chris

Oh, so she was a bundle of sticks?
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