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2011-07-19 14:45:32
Hey people..A girl Ive been talking to via pof asked me to meet her on Friday night..Nothing big, just drinks and conversation..I thought everything was going good...we were talking, laughing, a few moments where it was quiet but not very long as we both had some things in common and kept the conversation going.During conversation she would reach over and touch or grab my arm, so I took that as a good sign..Later her roommate called and she had to go cause her roommate locked herself out..We hugged and she later apologized for having to leave..She said she would call me the next day and we could do lunch..but she never called.She said she was sick all day. Its Tuesday now and we havent text or talked much where we were texting everyday. Should I text her or is she not interested?
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2011-08-13 10:40:30
This is very late, but girls (from my experience) almost never want to make the first text. If you still haven't, go ahead xD
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2011-08-13 10:41:24
ig its eating at you so much you should try testing her, it wouldnt hurt
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2014-04-28 07:55:04
I agree
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