Another bad date

Thread Topic: Another bad date

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2012-04-12 01:11:15
So first, you end up getting 6 dildos shoved up your ass, not to mention the 4 that are already in your vagina. Then you have to walk uphill with said dildos still inside you, and you accidentally fall on your ass. Ouch. Then you have to put that sexy dress on and before you know it your date arrives, but he's actually an octopus in his mid 40s who wants to have tentacle sex with you. So after you come home from this fetish sex you get run over by a bus, causing the ten dildos from earlier to fly out of ass and vagina, and impaling 6 people. Now you have to pay medical bills and are sent to jail for mass murder.
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Poopface McSwag
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2012-11-28 19:37:29
I hate when that happens!
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