A relationship expert that doesn't take my own advice

Thread Topic: A relationship expert that doesn't take my own advice

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2009-12-21 14:19:10
Ask me anything :)
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2010-01-22 21:12:03
Hows your love-life?
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2010-01-23 17:18:39
If a girl never tells you "I love you" but says she likes you, etc... does she really want to be with you?
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2010-01-27 22:34:07
how long have you been with the girl?
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2011-09-08 22:03:06
well i have a bf and Im bisexual but its hard for me to find the rite girl taht would love to have fun with me and my bf if you can help me out text me at 6015596624 the name is irene
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2011-09-22 20:44:20
Bisexual doesn't mean you can have two partners, it means you're open to a relationship with either gender. I will never cheat on a bf/gf.
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2011-11-24 20:54:52
*hits like button on Sabrina's post* Agreed.
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