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Thread Topic: ewww why?

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2010-01-22 20:42:37
Does anybody think it's wierd that that guy for his profile put on a picture of his junk? Or is that just the thing to do now?
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Basketball Player
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2010-01-23 17:21:34
LOL it's definitely weird...
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2010-01-27 22:23:34
Who can say if it is really his or just some random picture off the internet?!? Ignore it, and it will go away eventually
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2010-08-04 23:20:02
yeahh thats a creepy one.probably some super small guy who googled that stuff, found one he was attracted to, and posted it.
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snail INFP
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2010-09-09 21:24:27
I suppose it shows what he sees as his most valuable asset, or at the very least, what he expects you to consider most important about him. If he wants the kind of girl whose desire would be sparked by his having an attractive penis, then he is probably the kind of guy who would treat her the same way, valuing her primarily for her sexual body parts.

It would be a dealbreaker for me.
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