Do you love sex?

Thread Topic: Do you love sex?

my heart
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2012-03-03 23:04:26
im not a virgin haha bitch (muse)
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Joined: Jun 22, 10
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2012-04-24 23:25:58
Everyone here is a whore.
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Joined: Jun 2, 12
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2012-06-02 18:23:17
i can fix that
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Joined: Jun 26, 12
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2012-06-26 15:43:33
haha sex
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Cena Approved
Joined: May 8, 12
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2012-07-17 18:50:41
Never had sex I hope i get too
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Joined: Aug 18, 13
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2013-08-18 02:13:30
my best time was wit my ex bf just recently all nite bk his car was so amazing its like falling in love all over again n he not that big now im nt talking bout like 4 or 5 inches he bigger but size dnt matter wat u can do wit it. this guy i use to date was like 9in n he literally could never hit the rite spot n it was like faking it cant take that stuff. ~blah blah~
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Joined: Dec 6, 14
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2014-12-06 02:09:14
Im still a virgin...Who wants to pop my cherry?
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