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Gender: Woman Age: 29
Drinker: Drink occassionally/socially Education: Bachelor's degree
Smoker: Smoke regularly Income: $35k to $50k per year
Status: Single Religion: Decline to Specify
Orientation: Straight Ethnicity: Asian
Kids? Decline to specify
Location: Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Why here? Just playing around

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get to know me like no other girl has ever f---ed you the way i do fellas .dang, so horny right now, i dunno what tah say.goddamnit. if you want me, pm me here, ill be writin you back.. y'all fellas wud think im like such a bad girl but no, i also have a good heart but still, at times imma wild stuff who knows her limits. so feel free to pm me and become friends wid me im open to all of you guys and maybe i could be one of ur girls yeah? oh cummminnnnn

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