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Gender: Woman Age: 30
Drinker: Do not drink Education: High school or less
Smoker: Do not smoke Income: $20k to $35k per year
Status: Single Religion: Atheism
Orientation: Bisexual Ethnicity: Asian
Kids? Declines to specify, but wants kids
Location: Canajoharie, NY, USA
Why here? Seeking a relationship

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I'm 17, and have dark hair and brown grey eyes. I'm Asian( and am easygoing. I love cosplaying, especially Misa from Death note. Call me Ai, Tyl-Chan, Goddess, or Lovie. I really don't care. My email is (RisaMisa @ gmail .com). I really am happy to meet you all! Please email me frequently.

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anime, bondage, cosplaying, love, reading, roleplaying, swimming, travel
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