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Gender: Man Age: 33
Drinker: Drink regularly Education: High school or less
Smoker: Smoke regularly Income: Less than $20k per year
Status: Widowed Religion: Wicca/Paganism
Orientation: Bisexual Ethnicity: Asian
Kids? Has kids and is interested in more
Location: New York, NY, USA
Why here? Seeking a relationship

Mr. P's Description

I'm a young fit asian man with lot's of friends and a lot going for me, I like role playing and bdsm just to name a couple... I also like long strolls on the beach, its a good palce to bury people as well. Thats about all about me hit me up xooxoxo I like a good time And i will do anything to u ;)

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and school kids, anime, big tits, chess, fishing, funerals, hungry jacks, men, scuba diving, warhammer, weird stories, women
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