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Gender: Woman Age: 41
Drinker: Drink occassionally/socially Education: Some college/associate's degre
Smoker: Decline to Specify Income: Less than $20k per year
Status: Single Religion: Christianity - Protestant
Orientation: Straight Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Kids? No kids, does not want
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Why here? Seeking a relationship

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I'm a non-superficial, non-materialistic, highly sensitive pacifist vegetarian (attempting to become vegan) with a dislike for unnecessary rules and expectations that limit authenticity or devalue individuality. My ideal world would be one of universal intimacy through total emotional openness, where the sharing of that vulnerability would allow for perfect interconnectedness. I dislike conflict, but feel passionately about retaining my integrity. Because of this, my willingness to remain strong against opposition is a sacrificial act, and should be valued as such. I've been through some difficult things, and would need a romantic partner to be extremely patient and nurturing. It would be nice to find a male INFP, enneagram 4w5 to bond with, but most of the ones I find spiritually attractive are only romantically interested in other males. Perhaps I can find one who is bisexual.

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art, clarinet, crafts, crocheting, flute, guitar, koto, music, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, psychology, saxophone, sewing, sitar, writing
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