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Gender: Man Age: 32
Drinker: Drink occassionally/socially Education: High school or less
Smoker: Occassionally/socially Income: Less than $20k per year
Status: Single Religion: Other
Orientation: Straight Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Kids? Declines to specify, but wants kids
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Why here? Seeking a relationship

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Im 5'8 155 lbs. Blue eyes brown hair. Love to cuddle and talk. If youd like to know more then lets talk..Im down to try new things. Right now im looking for a job so if your the type of person who likes to just have fun get wild lets talk...My favorit color is purple and black..also i love red and grey. I love all colors and Green is awsome color too!!

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hanging out, outdoors, the beach, watching the sunset
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