Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. Hopefully this info will be helpful to you.

Q: Why aren't there more results when I do a search?

A: Would I Date You is a new site. It will take a little time to gain a large member base. But we are growing every day. You can help by telling your friends about us!

Q: How can I add someone as a friend?

A: On every member's profile is a link to send that person a private message. Click the link and check the box to add a friend request. The other member must accept the friend request to be added as a friend.

Q: How can I block someone from contacting me?

A: This feature is coming soon.

Q: How can I change my picture?

A: You can upload more pictures from your profile. You will see a link called Manage Pictures which takes you to a page where you can set a new default picture, re-order your pics or delete them.

Q: Can I post links or pictures on the forums?

A: If you are a status level 3 or higher member, you can post links on the forums by simply typing or pasting in the URL. Our software will recognize the URL and change it to a link. If you are not yet a status level 3 member you cannot post any links or URLs, due to the problem of spammers signing up and posting spam links. No one can post pictures currently, although that is something we may change.

Q: Are any HTML tags supported on the forums or in my profile?

A: Yes, you can use <b>, <i>, <s>, and <blockquote> in various places, including the forums.

Q: How can I increase my status level?

A: Status level ranges from 1 to 10, and you can increase yours simply by using the site regularly. Signing in frequently helps, as does posting on the forums, taking other members' quizzes, and uploading more pictures. You can jump to status level 2 automatically just by creating a quiz.

Q: Any tips for the pictures I upload?

A: Yes, ideally you should resize your picture to be 300 pixels on its longest side. For instance if your picture is wider than it is tall, resize to a width of 300 pixels. This will avoid our software resizing it. If you upload a picture larger than 450 pixels, some clipping along the edges may occur. Your pictures should be in a photo-quality format such as JPG, and should feature your face prominently. Care should be taken to present a good picture. Good lighting is key, as is a bright smile.

Q: Is it important to upload a picture?

A: Yes. Members who do not include a picture get far less attention, and may not be featured on certain areas of Would I Date You. It is important to present a good picture, and additional pictures also help. Your picture should show you with a happy expression, in your best light. Out-door shots are good, if they are not overexposed. All shots should show your face.

Q: Can my fiends take my quiz if they don't have an account?

A: Yes. Just give them the URL and they can take your quiz. They'll be able to enter their name, so you'll know they've taken it. At that point they will have the option to create an account at Would I Date You, but they won't be required to.

Q: Can I link to Would I Date You?

A: Yes! You can put a link on your MySpace or other profile, send it in an email, or place it anywhere else you like. Link to your profile, your quiz, or our homepage. This is very welcome!

Q: Will Would I Date You always be free?

A: Yes. We are an independent site that will never force our members to pay. In the future we may add an optional premium membership for a small fee. It will never be required, though.